Hack the Planet

Adventure Summary #1: The Beginning of the End

The city of Ravenfell has recently been experiencing jarring earthquakes (coming from an unidentified source, but expected to be related to the influx of Revolutionist spies). Accompanying these earthquakes are deadly robots, emerging from the ground and attacking the cities of the River Alliance (Ravenfell, Glimmer, Twilight, and Upstream).

The party (currently consists of Akko, JOhn, Kale, Nbkor and Vix) caught a ride on Barst’s airship to the dock of Ravenfell (which was positioned some 300 feet above the Tribute River).

During the trip, Barst had an exposition dump. Apparently, the people of Ravenfell do not enjoy being reminded of their scavenger roots (and instead prefer to be called merchants). Although they started as scavengers, stealing their possessions from the Prowling Lands (the remnants of cities destroyed during the war), and stil retain some scavenger traditions (Update Day), Ravenfell’s primary source of income is trade.

Ravenfell’s spy problem is also apparently being caused by increased Revolutionist activity in the area, especially around Ravenfell’s neighbours and largest trade partner, the Termerian Empire (located across the Prowling Lands). The permanent residents of Ravenfell worry that the Termerian Empire will be forced / coerced into attacking them soon.

Shortly after landing (and pissing off Barst for the last time), the party witnessed three armed Revolutionist spies fleeing authority (crowds were fired into and two civilians were killed). After negotiating with the guards for a more reasonable reward, the party decided to capture the spies.

What ensued was a chaotic chase that continually went downhill. In short, JOhn used “Cohort 2” as a human shield to survive a grenade explosion, Vix made a 20ft jump over a 300ft drop and narrowly avoided a shanking from their leader “Cool Hat”, Kale attempted the same jump (RIP but he survived), and Akko and Nbkor battled “Cohort 1” on an airship.
Akko and Nbkor argued for 40 seconds about what to do with their live grenade before it exploded in their face. The airship burned down, but not before Nbkor beheaded “Cohort 2” and river-danced on his corpse while playing the flute. Akko looted his radio.

Afterward, the party accompanied the guard back to a small room in an apartment, where they had set up their headquarters. These guards are actually a subdivision of the city guard, specifically designed to combat Revolutionist spies. There are only 4 because everyone else is busy protecting the city from deadly robot invasions. When no-one was looking, Nbkor slid “Cohort 2”‘s head into “Cool Hat”’s cell, ensuring a rude awakening.

After collecting their reward, the PCs officially joined the guard subdivision.


Queezeey Queezeey

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