Hack the Planet

Adventure Summary #101: Alternate Realities and Dragon Librarians

Trust me this will all link up by the end of the arc

The player for N’bkor was late to the session. Everyone experienced an alternate reality where N’bkor had never joined the party – the PCs remained friends with Barst (even joining the Barst Cast, his crew), got jobs, and were about to solve world hunger and bring about global peace and nuclear disarmament. Then N’bkor’s player arrived.

VIX stole Kilead’s frontline defence; shadow-imbued fabric that hid the entrance to the cave systems. Everyone was concerned by a set of opposite mirrors along a ridiculously long staircase. These specific mirrors reflected only the items they had stolen – thus everyone appeared naked (except for Kale, who was holding 5 gold coins). N’bkor attacked the mirrors and his reflection was killed; afterward, everyone took a piece of mirror. At the bottom of the staircase the party activated a Mirror of Opposition trap that had them fight Mirror VIX, N’bkor, and JOhn. The bard dies.

The party then entered a massive cavern, where they found a golden bell guarded by a shrieker. This bell was accompanied by two conflicting signs; one told them to ring it to ‘summon the Book Wyrm’, while the other told them that if they did, that they would suffer a penalty worse than death, enforced by the full might of the five clans.

JOhn used his religious knowledge to recall that the ‘book wyrm’ title was a nickname for the dragon Eberron, who was a Progenitor dragon who created the planet. She had relationship issues with another, more evil Progenitor dragon (called Khyber) who created the Underdark and all the aberrations within it. Long story short they hugged it out and disappeared.

After taking more sonic damage than is reasonable from a single shrieker, the party rung the golden bell. Shortly after they were assaulted by a huge army of angry troglodytes who had been subjugated by Rayven Ellsworth and his dragon construct for years. They all promptly died to Rayven Ellsworth’s dragon construct (who showed up).

The dragon construct (made to look like Eberron, who is distinctly nerdy; ink-stained claws, book necklace, posture) was hollow, and its chest opened to reveal an airship-like interior. The party climbed in and were flown to a library in the middle of the cavern, warded against troglodytes by various glyphs and protection spells.

Once they landed, the party were greeted by two mysterious strangers who introduced themselves as Smoke and Mirrors. These guys appeared to be rogues with no sense of time, and believed the Last War to still be ongoing (their evidence was the earthquakes shaking the area, like they did during the Last War).


Queezeey Queezeey

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