Hack the Planet

Current Sub-Plots (constantly updated!)

A list and explanation of all the currently running sub-plots and story nuances.

Investigating Ravenfell
It’s no secret that Ravenfell is currently in a dire position when it comes to security. A sudden increase in interest from the Revolutionists (caused by events in the Termerian Empire) have caused an influx of spies to set up inside the city. To combat the issue, the Ravenfell Government has grouped 4 dedicated guards (Fouques, Qibli, Merit and Remy) into a subdivision overseen by Fell’s Moon.
The subdivision operates with diplomatic immunity between the hours 10PM to 3AM.
The guards’ base of operations is currently Fouques’ house; a rundown flat in downtown known only as the “Moldy Mouse-hole”. Fouques is the unofficial leader in the absence of Fell’s Moon, but their workforce is simply too small to effectively investigate every lead they have.
A possible solution has arrived in the form of the PCs – after successfully catching 2 of 3 fleeing Revolutionist spies shortly after landing in Ravenfell’s dock, the PCs were asked to join the fledgling division. The PCs were accepted into the guard as substitution members (unofficial).
Currently, the guards have possession of a Revolutionist radio (including frequency), as well as two imprisoned spies (Gavyn and his cohort). After accepting the PCs into their ranks, Fouques requested they keep an eye and ear out for possible future members, or any strange happenings going on within the city.

The Robo-pocalypse
Shortly before the spies began to appear in Ravenfell, the region suddenly began experiencing jarring earthquakes at irregular intervals. Accompanying these earthquakes have been robots of varying nature (everything from humanoid ground units to flying machines of war) emerging from the ground to attack Ravenfell and its allies.
Due to the nature of their enemy (robots) and close time frame, the government of Ravenfell have assumed that the spies (Investigating Ravenfell) are the cause of these earthquakes. Their ulterior motives remain a mystery.

The 150,000 Dollar “Vampire”
Less than an hour after their arrival in port, N’bkor and Akko had already destroyed a merchant’s airship. Some sketchy appraisal checks placed the total cost of the damage (including damage done to walkways and the safety net) put the total net worth at approximately 150,000 gold pieces. Splitting the debt between them, Akko was landed with 60,000gp while N’bkor received 90,000gp. The severed head N’bkor was holding at the time did not help his case.
After entering the market and immediately making a huge ruckus, Akko and N’bkor were noticed by one Nilgrim Shadehell, the unfortunate owner of the previously mentioned airship. Needless to say, he was rather displeased. Immediately noting that Kale appeared hostile toward N’bkor, he has since grown to believe that he and Kale are allied against him. As such, he has prepared a game – Akko and N’bkor must pay him his dues (150,000 gp) by next midnight (the second midnight after the PCs arrived in Ravenfell) or else he and his henchmen (large burly bald dudes) will “deal with them”. Kale, on the other hand, has been offered the same amount if he stops Akko and N’bkor from paying.
Such a large amount of money is difficult to come upon in any circumstance. Akko and N’bkor’s plans for a loan were similarly crushed when they met the Merchant Guild’s “suspicious” treasurer, an animated peahen named Valentine.

Valentine’s Equinox
Valentine is an animated peahen in charge of the treasury at Ravenfell’s Merchant Guild. How she came to be awaken could possibly be answered by Equinox, the enigmatic 13th member of Government. Regardless, she also possess animus powers (like Equinox), and uses them to curse loan forms. In what way they are cursed remains unspecified.
She appears to know more than she lets on about Equinox and Vix’s father. She is also unconcerned with the unexplained guild rules of “not leaving your room past 11PM”.
She is generally disliked by a large portion of the population, although surprisingly, she appears to be on (relatively) good terms with Nilgrim Shadehell.

Termerian Relations
The Termerian Empire is Ravenfell’s largest trade partner, longest standing ally, and recently, its biggest threat. The Termerian Empire is currently in shambles, and it is unclear whether they plan to attack Ravenfell in the future (under coercion from the Revolutionists) or fight with them against the planned Revolutionist oppression.

The Grand Ravenfell Update Day
“Update Day” is a long kept scavenger tradition in Ravenfell, and marks the beginning of a new presidential cycle. The rules have been updated in past years.
Essentially, how it works is that anyone can use a form and a deposit station to submit a ticket appeal to enter the Government (13 positions). Appeals can take two forms: item appeals, and achievement appeals.
Item appeals are submitted with an item that legally enters ownership of the Government upon submission. Items are ranked depending on which ones contribute most toward the function of society, with the highest ranking winning their submitter a seat. As merchants and scavengers, this form of submission is seen as a contest, and many forgery, cheats, and thefts occur around each new Update Day.
Achievement appeals are submitted by themselves, but detail an activity the submitter has done for the benefit of the community. Such an activity might be defeating a powerful wyvern that resided further up the mountain, for example. Feats of great accomplishment are rewarded with a seat.

Opening Grimdark
Grimdark is the unflattering name given to an abandoned dwarven city in Dorm Burimm currently undergoing reconstruction. The idea is to use it as a final shelter and evacuation point if the earthquakes and subsequent robot attacks get any worse.
Riots frequently erupt within the streets of Ravenfell, demanding to be evacuated.

The Cistern Crocodile
The PCs have a request from the Stabbing Elf to retrieve three barrels of finest wine for the diplomatic meeting/party between Ravenfell and the Termerian Empire. To retrieve the wine they will have to travel to Ravenfell’s cistern, built at the site of an underground lake within Ver Todur. Due to the damaged relations between Ravenfell and the Termerian Empire, it is essential that the meeting go smoothly. The PCs currently have 3 hours before the commencement of the party. The underground lake is also the site of Ravenfell’s first incarnation, a currently abandoned city called Kilead.


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